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I have a soft spot in my heart for prints that involve colored paper and black and white ink. Colored paper alone is wonderful, but somehow adding black and white to it makes a print especially crisp, clean, and sharp. I just can’t get enough.

A San Francisco- and Brooklyn-based design firm called Dirty Bandits (run by lettering/illustration extraordinaire Annica Lydenberg) has mastered the art of the simple, clever poster, with a nod to hand-painted supermarket signs of the past. Her new Love For Sale typographic paintings are playful explorations of the combination of marketing phrasing and affection “for sale.”






The show is up  in Brooklyn at Just Another Project Space from February 5th–26th, 2015.

yoyo_wannaBang yoyo_ohHi yoyo_loveYourAss yoyo_header yoyo_cuddle

If you like what you see, check out her Etsy shop as well:

il_570xN.549276628_nbk6 il_570xN.549350409_kkx9 il_570xN.549269600_exnp

See more Dirty Bandits work.


I like when I hear about someone not through another blog. I saw a video about the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art on Vimeo, watched it, and was completely floored by this mystery artist in the video who was sculpting, shaving, and shaping oil paint! Was she a painter? Sculptor? I’m still honestly not sure. But holy cripes (honestly a different work is necessary) is she doing some truly fascinating stuff.















Ahhh if all of this makes you as giddy as it makes me, you’ll want to check the rest of it out here. I don’t even know if she has a website. I went from seeing this to posting it in about 4 minutes flat. I’ll investigate.

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A year or so ago, I picked up an old paint set I had stowed away, grabbed a brush I’d kept from high school, sat down, and gave watercolors a shot. I hadn’t used them in many, many years, not having mastered them by any means the first time, and figured I could just see where the paint took me. Turns out I wasn’t quite skilled at layering watercolors the way they’re supposed to be layered, so I’ve turned to lettering with them. Lots of room to grow, but it’s been quite fun giving it a go.

This of course means I’m constantly looking at what other people have been creating with the same medium. Have you noticed? Watercolors have been everywhere lately. Which brings me to Jon Sterlino. Diggin’ it:


makeithappen_700_700 healthJon_700_700 fuckitHelloJon fantasticHelloJon_700_700 collaborate amazeballs_700_700

More of his work can be found on his site.

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I’ve been in a screen printing class at Spudnik Press for several weeks now, and finally have a couple things to show for it!



The blue paper is French Pop-Tone Berrylicious, and the gray is actually ripped out of a Strathmore Toned Gray Sketchbook (currently on sale at Utrecht, if you’re in need of some great gray paper). I’ve definitely put myself in the “Colored Paper, Black + White Ink” camp, but hey, it’s what I’m drawn to.

There will be a larger project coming up, but the conclusion I’ve reached from being in this class for the last 6 weeks is that I should have been doing this a long time ago. This is FUN.

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