A year or so ago, I picked up an old paint set I had stowed away, grabbed a brush I’d kept from high school, sat down, and gave watercolors a shot. I hadn’t used them in many, many years, not having mastered them by any means the first time, and figured I could just see where the paint took me. Turns out I wasn’t quite skilled at layering watercolors the way they’re supposed to be layered, so I’ve turned to lettering with them. Lots of room to grow, but it’s been quite fun giving it a go.

This of course means I’m constantly looking at what other people have been creating with the same medium. Have you noticed? Watercolors have been everywhere lately. Which brings me to Jon Sterlino. Diggin’ it:


makeithappen_700_700 healthJon_700_700 fuckitHelloJon fantasticHelloJon_700_700 collaborate amazeballs_700_700

More of his work can be found on his site.