Flash back to a couple weeks ago: sitting around looking for something to do. What to learn next. Spotted some extra fabric in my closet, caught a glimpse of my giant bag of embroidery thread (usually reserved for summertime bracelet-making), noticed I still have an embroidery hoop I’ve never used. Then my brain just handed the idea over to me. Voila! I’ll learn how to embroider. Watercolors were fun, but maybe it’s worth trying out something with more texture and less water. Typographic embroidery. Haven’t seen much of that, I thought. I potentially do some great work, AND it gives a new twist to those typographic posters you see all over the place. Something totally different.

Lies! All wrong. I just hadn’t been aware of the embroidery masters that live among us. And I mean MASTERS. This work is impeccable.









It’s really invigorating to look through all of their work – a lot of diligence and skill went into these, and it shows. I’m still giving it a shot – I’ll let you know how it goes!