I know there are a few of you who’ve been waiting, so T and I cleaned the apartment today in hopes of getting some good pictures for you. That being said, I may have taken too many, so please excuse the quantity.

I spent much of the summer collecting furniture, posters, knick knacks, and other little details that would make me feel like I was at home in a new and unfamiliar place. Completed by a few craigslist purchases once we got here, I think the new place is suiting us just fine.

I’ll add the photos in chunks, so this isn’t one incredibly large post.

So, here goes. When you walk in the front door, this is what you see.

Probably my favorite part of the apartment: built-in bookcase!

Second bedroom/office-y space:

This is your bed, anyone that visits:


..aaand that’s it for now. I’ll put up the rest in another post shortly.


2 Responses to “New Apartment!”

  1. april

    I found your blog thru Apartment Therapy. Where did you find your Snoopy shower curtain? I’m a huge Peanuts fan!
    Last night I framed a picture of Sally from a 2002 calendar. It’s now my prize possession.

  2. Katie

    Hi april, the shower curtain is actually from Target! And I know just what you mean, I have a soft spot for them too.

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