I’m really drawn to the work of this photographer. (Chicago-based!) I’ve never thought to spotlight the colors of naturally aged books. Noticed, sure, but never created anything aesthetically interesting out of them.

Aaaand the funny thing about photos like these: I’ve recently developed a fascination with any and all photos with a massive “negative” space. And that negative space is rarely negative, so I suppose I mean that the focus, the main information or event in a photograph doesn’t take up a majority of the composition. I often find myself using the rule of threes (split the space in three columns and three rows, keep the focus away from the center, and near the intersections of the segments), but maybe it’s worth investigating the extremes. Move horizons away from the center, overwhelm the viewer with the hugeness of the air above, make someone search to find the real goings-on of a photograph.

So anyways, I left for a visit to San Francisco with this in mind. Attempted some photos (I’ll post later), and then came home to find this talented master of photographic space. These are so serene; they instantly blanket you with calm when you dive into them.

More here, and on his website.