Every time I go to a yard sale or used book sale, I’m constantly reminded that I love old Penguin books. Love the two orange bars, love how they look all lined up on a bookshelf, love the simple type. I’m certainly not alone, and found several Penguin book cover products, alllll of which I’d be happy to own at some point. Or at least attempt to recreate on my own.


This is actually from a Design*Sponge sneak peek of Blanca Gomez’s home. She just used wrapping paper, from Saatchi Gallery, and framed it.


Just think how nice something would look wrapped in this!



Ha! I just thought this was hilariously (word?) creative. They’re little matchboxes, with Penguin covers, sold at dippylulu‘s shop on etsy. The titles have been changed to be bathroom-appropriate. How clever.


Artmeetsmatter sells Penguin Cover Canvases. They’ll put a bit of a dent in your pocket, but I think they look so good up on a wall.


And, last but not least, Penguin by Design! I’ve seen this book in Barnes and Noble and have always wanted to check it out, but never made my way over to open it up. Next time I go, I’ll be sure to, because it looks fascinating.

So if anyone ever finds an old, amazing, orange-banded penguin book at a used book store, pass it along, I’ll pay you back!