Verrrrry delayed, but I made a point of taking some pictures around my house this winter break, and never put them up! My mom will hopefully be happy (or maybe just surprised) that this is today’s post, but she should know that I wouldn’t talk about it if I didn’t love it. So many cute things, I’m only putting up some. I think my mother is one of the most creative people I know.



Santa-themed shelves. These things usually goes all over our house, but this year it was all collected in one place. I think I like them much better this way.




Dining room. Mantle. I like the ornaments as a centerpiece, I will say.


Hutch! Both the hutch itself, as well as the pieces that decorate it, are my favorite things in the house.


Picture wall and guest room. Just like how they’re decorated.


Great colors.


Bathroom. One of the best ideas for a sink I’ve ever seeeeeeeen.


Little amish people on a ledge that runs the length of our upstairs hallway.



My bathroom. I’ve always liked the old letters, and I have about 4 of those hooks. 2 bulls, a duck, and something else I can’t remember.

That’s all for the house tour. I enjoy it- hopefully you do too.


One Response to “My house!”

  1. mom

    wow…is that my house? shows what a good picture will do..thanks girlie!

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