So, I’ve been digging around other people’s blogs, and I’ve noticed maaaany other people’s have one thing mine does not- their own personal projects. Seeing as I have many (ongoing as well as nongoing), I decided to post them here, as I know quite a few of you haven’t seen them yet! 

Not all terribly exciting, but still ideas carried into the stage of creation, so interesting nonetheless. Always room for improvement, of course.

I also included some random things around my apartment that I appreciate and that may or may not spark my own personal creativity. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. There will be a ton of photos today (hopefully to make up for the lack of posts lately? thanks.)


Highly treasured collection of Jay Ryan screenprinted posters. May be an obsession, but oh well. This one’s my personal favorite. I’ll have an entire post on Jay Ryan and thebirdmachine at some point in the future. Okay, definitely will..


Button necklace  I made a couple years ago. Absolutely no craftsmanship, I just like it.


Earrings! I need to make more/learn how to make more interesting ones.


So I don’t think my roommate knows I’m putting this up (or was in her room..?-better light for taking pictures-), but this was her idea, I just wanted to point it out. She reused old music sheets and turned them into wallpaper. 


This was my first -adult- experience with Sculpey. Surprising, right? I originally thought I’d put them up on the wall, but found out I really like them on tables. No real purpose for them, but I think they reflect textures and feelings you’d find in nature. Somewhere. Who knows. I love the purity of the white though.


Kind of a silly little thrift store project, but definitely happy with the outcome. The original white shade was a bit stained, and after finding a few scarves there, decided this one would work best.

Elise, if I had a photo of yours I’d post it! ‘Twas a fun day. It did open up a can of worms, however, and I now have too many lamps.


Love my plants! They make any room feel homey, and if I wasn’t so afraid they’d all die during winter break, I’d have 50 of them. 


An introduction to my obsession with buttons…. as well as the project you may all have been waiting to see?


The button chandelier in progress. We’ll call it a chandelier, because “lighting fixture” sounds much too boring. And the button chandelier is not boring. It’s flawed, maybe. Uneven, sure. But it’s got character, right?


It’s done! So fun, such a good idea. Just took a while. It’s funny, because when I started I knew it wouldn’t end up looking like my original idea. Sure enough, nothing like it.


I have plenty ideas of how to fix the next one, and what other sorts of buttons to use, but I’m pretty happy with the results. I’m curious to know, though, if all the fixes were made, and it was a bit (okay, a lot) more polished, is this something I could eventually sell? I haven’t seen anything like it. And everyone knows you can find things of alll sorts on etsy, but is it anything people would want to buy. Who knows, I’d have to try. 

But that’s me and mine! Lots of things, but at least now I feel like I’ve gotten a pinch of “me” into this. Peachy.


2 Responses to “me and mine.”

  1. eliser1028

    WOO i got a shout-out! your chandelier looks amazing

  2. Elise's mom

    yes! I’ll agree with the previous commenter, the chandelier looks great. A suggestion for getting plants through winter break…water them REALLY well just before you leave, enclose the pot in a plastic bag and seal it with tape or something around the base of the plant. This will reduce the amount of moisture that evaporates from the soil. Another idea, if possible, is to put all the plants in the bath tub, water well, place plastic wrap over the top of the tub, creating a greenhouse type enclosed environment.

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