The first thing that struck me about Aurora Robson’s work is how, at first, it appears to be completely random. Paint blobs seemed to mix around with splotches and spots and slashes all without any organization. Looking at them closer, you notice the structure of everything, and realize the only thing random is the origin of the found bottles she uses in her sculpture. Very intriguing.



She says, “If there is a negative or downward trajectory of motion inherent to a material, I like to focus my energy on changing that direction. For example, the work I’ve been doing with plastic bottles — without intervention, used plastic bottles have basically 2 options: becoming landfill, or maybe getting recycled. In the past year, I have intercepted approximately 20,000 bottles from the waste stream, turning them into art instead of allowing them to go into landfill, the Pacific ocean, or the environmentally costly recycling process.”



I abbbsolutely love this- it’s so interesting to look at! Just makes me want to figure out how to dye and cut plastic bottles. It’s sort of inspiring to think about what it would be like to never see trash, only artistic potential.

To see more of her work, go to her website.