Hailing originally from Sarajevo, but more recently, from the creative hub of Portland, Oregon, Yellena James is an artist/illustrator who specializes in making what all of us do unconsciously (doodle!) into a gorgeous and intricate art form. I love the colors she uses, the organic-surreal-floral-type feel her work has, and most of all, the detail and obsessive-ness that must go into it. 

She has shown work in galleries throughout the world, but also created illustrations for Anthropologie, Nike, and many others. 

“I think that my works come from a desire to put something in front of myself that I would really want to look at later. Inspiration is everywhere: the works of other artists, books, design blogs, catalogs, my husband, my sister (, my friends, vintage patterns, fine-point pens, velvet paper, felt, deep-sea creatures, Julie Mehretu, music, cacti, moss, wallpaper, micro-cosmos, macro- cosmos, pebbles, plants, animals, the universe… that’s about it. =)”



Yellena has a store on Etsy, as well as a blog. Fun fun.


One Response to “Pens + inks + markers + good-quality paper.”

  1. kathryn

    i love these! i stalked the artist on etsy for awhile… =]

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