I’m getting worse at this, but I might even post twice today. Cross your fingers. I’ve been busy finishing a button chandelier (photos later?), and working on Christmas gifts. Busy busy busy.

But anyways, on to other things. 

I got interested in doing this for a few reasons. One being that I felt I’d found a lot of fascinating little “gems,” if you will, online, whether they be artists, projects, designs, crafts, just THINGS, and things, and I needed a place to organize them (and show people). The funny thing is that I started doing this sort of basing it off of what I’d found on other blogs. Maybe it was borrowing in the beginning, but I finally started to explore on my own, and find my own things instead of using the work other people did. Anyways, long story short, a blog I subscribe to happened to post about the exact same thing I found earlier this week! (and was going to put in here). 

So here goes: Jason Munn. 

He started his own design studio in 2003, called The Small Stakes, where he creates a variety of print materials: book covers, album packaging, T-shirt designs, screen-printed posters, and illustrations. I was drawn to his posters, so I’m sharing several with you today.


For more, go to his poster shop.