Today was a little cold. Enthusiasm was a little cold (thursday), weather was a little cold, office is a little cold. So I found some things online to cozy up. Very few things, but they’re warm and fuzzy in some sense.


TruLuxe‘s needle felted wool acorns.


ilikeyouworld‘s Hoodie Scarf. 


I suppose it isn’t so cozy, but I still love littlepurl‘s handknit and felted chain necklaces.


Fringe‘s El Grande Cowl looks like I could live in it.


And THIS is the warmest, happiest bundle of fuzz I’ve ever seen. He’s only an inch and a half tall, and is made out of wool from this woman’s farm. It’s also a necklace, I should point out, from Motley Mutton on etsy.


One Response to “cozy.”

  1. Elise's mom

    I could not prevent the little squeaky sound of joy that came out of me when I scrolled down and saw Fuzzy Bear…I wonder if they will ever isolate the chromosome that causes this? He/She is truly one of the most adorable things I’ve ever seen, even though I should have outgrown that many MANY decades ago!!! Thank god I have the sense not to buy it!! Age does bring some level of wisdom 🙂

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