Sorry, haven’t posted in quite a few days. 

But one of my “to-do” projects is a chandelier made out of buttons. I happen to love buttons for no known reason, and earlier on, my apartment had no light in the kitchen, so I’d wanted to make a chandelier to go over the table. Bought all the stuff, and it’s sat in my room for well over a month by now. 

This weekend I restarted the project, and did a little research on DIY chandeliers, homemade ones that used interesting objects. What I found is below- it’s certainly not ALL of the amazing ones that I found, but there’s some of them, as well as normal chandeliers whose style I particularly liked. I’ll update if I find other ones, and I promise to do better this week. Enjoy.


random objects painted white! Creates uniformity in the random. I like.


I beliiiieve this one is plastic cups and christmas lights.




Colanders and pipes.


Aaaaand I’m not even a fan of butterflies, I just liked how this one looked.

Hopefully I’ll find some more (including the gummy bear one- you can’t even tell)!