Julien Vallee is a graphic designer based in Montreal (although currently in Berlin). He works a lot with paper, and it’s really amazing how he plays around with something that is usually painted or drawn ON, to make it the actual medium of his art. In some cases it almost looks like liquid- it completely loses the feeling of anything with structure and becomes whatever he chooses. Very cool.

You may have seen him and his work before. This, however, is a pitch for MTV-One in England.

The first and the last ones are my personal favorites.

The rest you can see on his website.


Also today, Robin Soulier’s “Ephemeral Reflections.” Talk about looking at the world in a different way..

The photographs are basically reflections in puddles, but spun around so that they seem to be the actual locations rather than a ground reflection of them. I really like looking at how the ground around the puddles interacts with the reflection, all while it seems that you’re looking at a normal, upright photograph. A bit disorienting, but that’s what makes it interesting.

Due to the terms listed on the website, I don’t THINK I can put any photos up here, but I encourage anyone to please, please look at the site.