Mentally, Mondays are reserved to finding things that cheer me up. I can go to work, be tired most of the day, look forward to lunch, get all my projects done, etc. just fine. But I don’t want to settle for just getting through a Monday- I’d rather make it a day where I dig around for interesting things, and make it mildly enjoyable. So here’s a little section of what I’ve found today. 

Emily Barletta is a Brooklyn New York artist who works with embroidery and felt to create these sculptures. Her pieces, heavily based on biology, are very intriguing- the work that goes into these must be incredible. Look at more of her work on her website. Check out her blog too.


I found this on another blog today- the Rubitone! This is such a clever idea, I’m almost sad I didn’t think of it first.

Rubitone = Rubik + Pantone



Susy Oliveira’s photosculptures:

More here.


Gastrotypographicalassemblage. awesome.

A little difficult to see here, but this is the CBS cafeteria wall. I’d never seen/heard of it before, but it was designed by Lou Dorfsman. Originally designed in the mid-60s, it was finally completed in 1966, and stretched 35 feet. The letters are all wooden (amazing), and the wall is currently being restored by the Center for Design Study in Atlanta.


That’s all I’ve got for my Monday happiness.


2 Responses to “Monday Happiness.”

  1. lima

    amazing! i absolutely love the pantone colors, i just want to eat them. or have an object in every color, whatever. how was foliage fest btw? did you take pictures?

  2. Elise's mom

    take a look a Laura Moriarty’s work,, which shares visual similarities with the embroidery work you posted, although it’s made with encaustic. Nice blog, btw 🙂

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